Public Relations for the Department of Weights and Measures

Often important government agencies have a very tough time doing public relations and they get little respect from the public for all they do in a much needed service in our society and civilization. Lets take the Department of Weights and Measures, what kinds of Public Relations or community goodwill programs could you possibly do for the Department of Weights and Measures?Well believe it or not there are many things you could do for instance you could have them join a neighborhood mobile watch patrol and become the eyes and ears for the local police departments as they drive around all day in their normal course of activities. Let us look at this scenario for a moment shall we?DEPARTMENT OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES: These people do every thing from going to gas stations to measure that the pump does not cheat you, to visiting grocery stores and making sure that your produce scales work properly. Therefore they tend to be around the town on a non-consistent, non-scheduled, surprise visit basis. Making it unpredictable when and where they will be. Thus helping the nature of finding violators and keeping people honest.Can you begin to see how you can take a not so popular government agency and make it news worthy? Such a program in this case study costs nothing to participate and yet provide goodwill and positive community relations. Please consider all this in 2006.

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